Studying my Company financials…

So, this week has had me ‘nose down, tail up’, deep in the financial reports for Caltex Australia.

wow. what an impressive company! Initially I have found the financial statement fairly daunting and difficult to decipher, but I am becoming more familiar with it all, a little more every day.

I was under the impression that the financial statements would be just that- Financial Statements. My experience has been mainly with profit and loss statements, but there is a whole lot more that goes into a financial statement. Creating an overview of the entire  company. It’s past performance, as well as it’s beliefs, and direction. One thing I wasn’t aware of, is that the directors of the business are obligated to disclose their salaries within these reports, which are readily available to the public. Not too sure how I feel about that one…hmm.


I am interested in looking into the company more in depth this weekend, and doing a bit of research into how Caltex weathers scarcity and sustainability. We all know that fuel is a vital resource….

…from humble beginnings.

Well, I never thought when I enrolled to study a Bachelor of Property, that one of my very first assignments would be to create a …. B L O G.   A dreaded blog.

During the past few years of starting and growing a business, getting around to creating a blog was always on my ‘to do’ list, but something that never actually got done. There was always so much to do, and so many things consider every single waking second of every single day. 24/7. Until you have owned your own business, the phrase ’24/7′ really doesn’t resonate with you. Customers, website creation, advertising, suppliers, bills, products, cash flow, growth, minimizing outlay, outsourcing, professional development, emailing, Facebook, Instagram, photo shoots, runway shows, social media presence, shop fronts, revenue, competitors, designer label showings, bookkeeping, meetings, work/life balance..phew… and the list goes on. 

So, now, in my ‘new’ life as a part time student, on a fresh new career path, I find myself studying accounting, and…..creating a blog. Which, despite my apprehension, has provided me with time and space to think, and put into words my new career direction. I’ve jumped feet first into the world of property. The world I absolutely LOVE, and this blog has given voice to my business and property ideas. The future looks attainable, and just a little closer.

 First blog post